Multistage depressed collector conceptual design for thin magnetically confined electron beams
I. Pagonakis, C. Wu, S. Illy, J. Jelonnek
Physics of Plasmas, 2016, Apr, 23 (4), p. 043114
The requirement of higher efficiency in high power microwave devices, such as traveling wave tubes and gyrotrons, guides scientific research to more advanced types of collector systems. First, a conceptual design approach of a multistage depressed collector for a sheet electron beam confined by a magnetic field is presented. The sorting of the electron trajectories, according to their initial kinetic energy, is based on the E × B drift concept. The optimization of the geometrical parameters is based on the analytical equations under several general assumptions. The analysis predicts very high levels of efficiency. Then, a design approach for the application of this type of collector to a gyrotron cylindrical hollow electron beam is also presented with very high levels of efficiency more than 80%.