Development of advanced gyrotrons
J. Jelonnek, K. Avramidis, J. Franck, G. Gantenbein, K. Hesch, J. Jin, P. Kalaria, A. Malygin, I. Pagonakis, T. Rzesnicki, S. Ruess, A. Samartsev, M. Schmid, T. Scherer, D. Strauss, M. Thumm, C. Wu, J. Zhang
Proc. 39th Int. Conf. Infrared, Millimeter and Terahertz waves (IRMMW-THz), 2014, Sep, pp. 1–3
Beyond ITER, a future nuclear fusion demonstration power plant (DEMO) demands gyrotron frequencies above 200 GHz and gyrotron efficiencies of higher than 60 %. The unit power must well exceed 1 MW. Fast frequency tunability in steps of 2-3 GHz (in a few seconds) using broadband or tunable CVD-diamond windows is required. Beside these fundamental requirements, slow frequency tunability (in a few minutes) in leaps of 30-40 GHz, related to the transmission maxima of plane CVD-diamond windows is considered to be advantageous for a possible multi-purpose use of these future gyrotrons. Initial feasibility studies have been performed already. Physical design studies, including the cavity, magnetron injection gun (MIG), quasi-optical output coupler and collector, have been started. This presentation will provide a comprehensive overview of the feasibility, constraints, basic design ideas and current status in the development.