On the evaluation of a proposed bowtie antenna for microwave tomography
M. Jalilvand, C. Vasanelli, C. Wu, J. Kowalewski, T. Zwick
Proc. 8th European Conf. Antennas and Propagation (EuCAP 2014), 2014, Apr, pp. 2790–2794
A wideband miniaturized Bowtie antenna is recommended for medical imaging using microwave tomography. The structure of the proposed antenna is introduced and explained and the performance of the antenna is evaluated using both simulations and measurements. An array of the antenna is built and a simulation is performed to evaluate the performance of the array when it surrounds a human head model. Two different calibration techniques are applied to the recorded signals. Numerical simulations prove that the proposed Bowtie antenna can be properly modeled by a point source in the 2D forward solver. Thus, the proposed Bowtie array is an appealing choice for microwave tomography because it offers good performance and it allows to build a reliable data set when proper calibration of the data is performed.