EU DEMO EC system preliminary conceptual design
S. Garavaglia, G. Aiello, S. Alberti, K. Avramidis, A. Bruschi, I. Chelis, J. Franck, G. Gantenbein, G. Granucci, G. Grossetti, K. Hizanidis, S. Illy, J. Jelonnek, P. Kalaria, G. Latsas, A. Moro, I. Pagonakis, D. Peponis, E. Poli, N. Rispoli, S. Ruess, T. Rzesnicki, T. Scherer, D. Strauss, M. Thumm, I. Tigelis, C. Tsironis, C. Wu, T. Franke, M. Tran
Fusion Engineering and Design, 2018, Nov, 136, pp. 1173–1177
The engineering design and R&D of auxiliary heating systems and their sub-systems are a key activities in the frame of the present conceptual design phase for a first of a kind DEMOnstration Fusion Power Plant in order to develop a system capable of achieving and controlling burning plasmas. In the frame of the EU DEMO reference design, the R&D activities consider the injection of about 50 MW of Electron Cyclotron (EC) power to support and assist different plasma phases. As the project is still in the conceptual phase, a range of options for gyrotrons, transmission lines and antennas is under assessment taking into account the guidelines for the integration of the EC system in a nuclear reactor and a maximal achievable reliability and availability of the EC power during operation.