Recent Trends in Fusion Gyrotron Development at KIT
G. Gantenbein, K. Avramidis, J. Franck, S. Illy, Z. Ioannidis, J. Jin, J. Jelonnek, P. Kalaria, I. Pagonakis, S. Ruess, T. Rzesnicki, M. Thumm, C. Wu
EPJ Web of Conferences, 2017, 157, p. 03017
ECRH&CD is one of the favorite heating system for magnetically confined nuclear fusion plasmas. KIT is strongly involved in the development of high power gyrotrons for use in ECRH systems for nuclear fusion. KIT is upgrading the sub-components of the existing 2 MW, 170 GHz coaxial-cavity short-pulse gyrotron to support long-pulse operation up to 1 s, all components will be equipped with a specific active cooling system. Two important developments for future high power, highly efficient gyrotrons will be discussed: design of gyrotrons with high operating frequency (∼ 240 GHz) and efficiency enhancement by using advanced collector designs with multi-staged voltage depression.