Draw a Fractal Tree in SVG(画一个矢量分形树)
2016-03-20 2016-03-21

I used to draw fractals with MetaPost, several years later, with tikz for the drawings. Now, I am switching to SVGs (due to the WYSIWYG inkscape) and therefore, am practicing the hand-writing of SVGs. The following image is just a initial try to draw one of my favorite fractals. It has 5 iterations of IFS transformations, each of which produces 5 times transformed copies. The 2.2 kB (uncompressed) human readable SVG file contains 55 lines. It is coded by hand.

我曾用MetaPost画诸多分形图案。今试以SVG画其一。手写SVG不熟练而形已见也。全画为五乘五迭代变换,未压缩仅 55 行 2.2 kB。

Download(下载): tree.svg