Double-Side Parallel Strip Line Calculator
2012-05-19 2016-08-17


I once used Double-Side Parallel Strip Lines (DSPSL) to feed an antenna. For that purpose, I wrote this numerical program (in C) to calculate the characteristic impedance of the basic mode of a DSPSL. The involved numerical method is the Boundary Element Method (BEM) / Method of Moment (MoM) with Finite Volume Element. When the first prototype has been implemented in 2012, my old laptop did not profit from parallel computing, therefore, OpenMP or multi-thread is not supported.

Change Log


As it does not have any dependency except Win32APIs for the GUI, the build system consists of simple Makefiles and batch files.


The program can be built under GCC or Visual C++:

Linux / Unix


This small program does not include unit tests. However, integration tests will be added in the later versions.